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What are some safety tips for first-time cooks at home?

by Gia (follow)
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What are some safety tips for first-time cooks at home?

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Top Answers
Never catch a falling knife
Steam is HOT so be careful opening pots.
Water in hot oil will burn you.
Dont drop food in hot water.
Wash your hands often.
Keep raw food away from cooked food.

by Gia
Leave the windows open (for gas escape); Have a fire extinguisher near by (for food caught on fire); A fully charged phone (to call for help)... And make sure the smoke alarm is in working order (it is louder than your shout)... and lastly check if you have paid your insurance. Don't laugh...these were true advices when I said I am going to cook for the first time.
This is funny LOL
by Gia
When opening a pot of boiling soup/stew/water make sure to open the side pointing AWAY from you first. Easy way to get a scalded face otherwise.

Also, if you drop a knife, do not try to catch it!
Thats sound advice. And dont let the knife fall on your foot.
by Gia
Point pans away from you, be careful of serving hot food, make sure to apply oven gloves when taking something out of the oven,and keep an eye on the clock so that nothing gets over cooked or burnt!
If children in the home, keep them out of the Kitchen when hot things abound!
I was so 'thingy' about this I had an aluminium lockable grille, as my kitchen 'door' whilst kids were little. They could 'look in & see', but we're NEVER in any DANGER!
It was dismantled once they middle-yeared teenagers!
must to do every step with caution.
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